Hy, my name is Stephanie

Searching happiness


Since a teenager I have been curious about the secret of happiness.


For many years I was searching for answers: many years of traveling, meeting people, founding companies and family, seeing and experiencing happiness and joy, adversities and sorrow. Being still and meditate. I received some answers to my questions. But I still was not satisfied.


Until I discovered a science that researches happiness: The Positive Psychology. An academic discipline that asks questions like: what makes people happy, what lets people flourish, why are some happier than others, what lets us find joy and happiness despite challenges and sorrow... The science of happiness found many answers. Finally! Nowadays I work with great passion as a Coach, Trainer and Initator and am happy to pass on the findings of the science of happiness with my personal experience and with playful coaching and workshop methods to individuals and organizations.


I am a mother of 5 wonderful children, like nature, yoga, meditation and traveling and live with my family on a little island.



Professional working experience:

  • Over 25 years of working experience
  • Leadership experience as CEO, founder, initiator or team-lead
  • Branches: Applied positive psychology, social innovation (neurodiversity), prenatal and family health education, Film and Media Production, Performing Arts, IT Software development, Administration and Management in higher Education, Venture Capital. 
  • Awards: Swiss Innovation Award, Nomination Marketing Trophy, Swiss Young Entrepreneur Award
  • Countries: Germany, Switzerland, USA, India, UK, Holland, Belgium, France, Finnland, Sweden.

Professional education:

  • Certified Professional of Positive Psychology (cPofPP) Dr. Daniela Blickhan, Diploma Project: Development of Game "Happy Talks".
    Member of Germanspeaking Association of Positive Psychologie e.V. (DACH PP).
  • NLP with Ralf Möller Lehrtrainer DVNLP, Inntal Institut 
  • Certified Prenatal Educator GfG®, Society for birth preparation, family education and female well-being, Bundesverband e.V.
  • Certified course Instructor for holistic courses in family education and female health GfG® , Society for birth preparation, family education and female well-being, Bundesverband e.V.
  • Aerobic Instructor SAFS
    SAFS Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sport
  • Up with People, International changemaker travel program (performing art, volunteering, leadership, intercultural understanding) in USA und Europa
  • Commercial vocational diploma with Baccaulaureate, Specialization in Administration and Management in Education, AKAD Zurich

Further education:  

  • Scrum und agile work, Design Thinking
  • Neurodiversity 
  • Yoga, meditation, stress-relaxation
  • Montessori-Paedagogy, Waldorf, progressive education



The methods I use?

Playful, Inspiring, authentic and solution-oriented.

You find intuition and useful solutions in my workshops, where we use methods that combine heart and mind. We play "serious" games that give new perspectives and make your process visible (eg. Strength Boat, LEGO Serious Play©, Points of You©)


The result: 

  • Coaching and courses with 100% involvement from the beginning
  • Easy to understand for everyone
  • Visualized patterns and systems
  • Discovering new perspectives
  • Creative Solutions
  • Safe space in a professional setting
  • Surprising Insights