One on one Coaching

Positive Coaching is a solution-focused approach that aims at facilitating goal achievement, wellbeing and positive change in various life domains and application areas. We use your signature strength to facilitate growth and development. We focus on the positive - rather then fixing so called "deficits".


The goal is development (not correcting deficits). Research showed that this novel approach to people development leads to various positive consequences for both the individual (eg. improved performance, self-efficacy, life satisfaction, self-confidence, etc.) and the system (e.g. talent retention, engagement, customer satisfaction, kindness with others, nourishing relationships, financial growth, etc.).  Peláez et al., 2019


Happiness Coaching

Let us put your well-being in focus. Positive Coaching is a strength based approach. It aims to improve mental-health, happiness and flourishing by using easy to learn interventions of positive psychology. 


Coaching is a way of self-help. If you have signs of depression or burn-out you should contact a therapist. If you are already in therapy, ask your therapist, if my work will support your well-being.