Setting seeds for flourishing

Book a coaching, workshop or consulting. I offer a variety of strength-oriented applied positive psychology practices and frameworks for your personal growth, for your company or school. My methods are playful, easy to understand and science based.


Choose what works best for you:

Positive Coaching

Coaching for flourishing ...

Do you seek a strength-based personal development? Positive Coaching is a solution-focused approach that aims at facilitating goal achievement, wellbeing and positive change in various life domains and application areas...

Strength Coaching

Discover your best ...

Do you want to know your signature strength and the potential of each strength? Do you want to learn how to spot and support strengths in others? I offer character strength triple-testing and development...

Happiness@ work

Happiness@work ...

Do you want to foster happiness in your company? Happiness and well-being is part of your psychological assets. I offer workshops and consulting to create a happiness-fostering working culture ...

Happiness@ schools

Happiness@school ...
Do you want to to implement positive psychology in your school? Do you want to improve  the mental health of students and staff and support well-being and resilience. I offer inspirational workshops and curriculum consulting...

Happiness@ neurodivergence

The beauty of neurodiversity ...

Do you want to discover how neurodivergence contributes to thriving teams?  How the combination of all types of minds can contribute for a thriving team, families or community?  I support neurodiverse minorities and their peers (team-members, care-takers and parents) with ...

Workshop 4 Teens: Leadership

Compassionate EQ Leadership...

Do you want to develop your "leadership" strength, combined with compassion and social intelligence? I offer a workshop for high school students and we have an amazing facilitator-team: real horses! Liked by non-riders also...

The methods I use?

You find intuition and useful solutions in my workshops and coaching, where we use methods that combine heart and mind. We play "serious" games that give new perspectives and make your process visible (eg. Strength Boat, LEGO Serious Play©, Points of You©)


The result: 

  • Coaching and courses with 100% involvement from the beginning
  • Easy to understand for everyone
  • Visualized patterns and systems
  • Discovering new perspectives
  • Creative Solutions
  • Safe space in a professional setting
  • Surprising Insights

The ingredients I use?

Happy Habits


  • Happiness
  • Flourishing, fully functioning
  • Energy for challenging situations
  • Health:
    - Immunsystem
    - Heart rate, HRV
    - Recovery
  • Sharing happiness with others
  • Prevention (Burn-out, Depression)



  • Authenticity
  • Use potential
  • Develop true self
  • Charisma
  • Flow- and high performance
  • Job-Crafting
  • Positive Leadership
  • Team-building
  • Authentic Entrepreneurship

Purpose and meaning


  • Fulfilled life
  • Orientation
  • Find purpose
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Discover goals that foster happiness
  • Create visions
  • Find silver linings 



  • Concentration
  • Healthy mind
  • Enjoyment
  • Inner voice
  • Flow-State
  • Less rumination
  • Change reaction patterns
  • Improved HRV
  • Reduction of stress hormones

True happiness is, when you do not have to search for happiness anymore.