Happiness @ work

Increase the psychological asset of your company.

Happy employees are crucial for the sustained success of a company.


Happiness promotes far more than "just" the well-being of your employees. Science proves that happiness in the workplace goes along with higher engagement, productivity, collaboration and problem-solving. And with less illness and faster recovery.


Happiness@work does not mean to only create moments of fun and light heartedness.

Happiness@work is rather a holistic concept of hedonic and eudaimonic happiness, which creates meaningful work and resiliency.


Scientist define the 4 pillars of happiness at work as follows : 

  1. Purpose and Meaning
    When personal values can be supported through work. If personal values fit the values of the company or with the impact or contribution the company has on society.
  2. Engagement
    Possibilities to take decisions on the job, to use personal character strengths, to have flow-experiences and that flourishing at work is possible. 
  3. Resilience
    Capacity to solve problems, to handle difficult situations and to recover after challenges and phases of stress. 
  4. Kindness
    Treating others with respect and openness, foster support, gratefulness, cooperation, compassion and trust.  


I offer inspiration and knowledge for employees and decision-makers, as well as coaching and consulting. Goal is always the motivation and empowerment for happiness-orientated actions of employees, and to support the companies framework for well-being. 


1. Inspiration


Inspiring introduction to the science of happiness and happiness at work. For leaders and employees to motivate for happiness in the workplace. 


Duration: ca. 1-2 hrs.

Cost: from 150 Dollar



2. Deepening


Deepening the knowledge of employees and or decision makers through workshops: knowledge, perspectives, empowerment.


Duration: from 1 day

Cost: from 1200 Dollar per day 


Ready and proved workshops for:


Happiness and self-care

Weekly 1-2 hour workshop session on different topics of the science of happiness with many self-care exercises. For sustainable happiness and prevention of burnout.


Creation of Flow-States

Enable high-performance, creativity, happiness and engagement through a flow-framework. Gain knowledge on Flow and work on practical plans to get more into Flow States (individual micro or big Flows, Group Flows).  


Strength-based team work

Learn about the 24 Character strengths, how to put strength in action and how to spot in others. Support strength-oriented leadership for more energy, engagement, authenticity and productivity.  

3. Building


Coaching and Consulting to incorporate a happiness strategy for your company: assessing, ideating, implementing a corporate happiness culture by using your internal ressources. 


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