Happiness@ neurodivergence

How would you describe happiness?


Is it being out in nature, immersed in a computer game, learning something new, or maybe it is for you a very silent and still way of being safe and engaged in a special interest.


Whatever your definition of happiness is: the science of happiness offers a variety of methods which may help you to find a routine that supports you to a balanced life, and helps to prevent burn-out and depression. It is a strength oriented approach that wants you to be authentic and self-confident and focuses on what works well and people development (rather than on fixing so called "deficits"). It  aims at solutions that lead to well-being and flourishing.


I offer for coachees with autism, hyperactivity or down syndrom (and their peers if appreciated):


  • Strength Assessment: assessment and development of personal strength. 
  • Positive Coaching: develop happy habits that facilitate well-being
  • Mindfulness one-one-one personal training: Quiet and mindstillness through mindfulness personal training. 


I feel honored that I could work for some years as a JobCoach with neurodiverse minorities (autism, hyperactivity). During our collaboration we adapted my offers in Positive Psychology to individual needs, including a series of autism-friendly mindfulness training. I am always open and appreciate further learning on these topics. 


If my offerings are of interest to you, please do contact me and we try to find out what could support you.

Contact me for a free first consulting (ca. 20 mins.) and message me your preferred way of communication.

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Important notice:

Coaching is a form of self-help. If you have clear signs of depression or burn-out please contact a psychotherapist.