Happiness Coaching

Build the foundation for a meaningful life and mental health.

Happiness Coaching supports you to build a fulfilling life - regardless of the circumstances you are in. 


The science of happiness did a lot of research on what makes people happy. Findings from researcher all over the world came to a common result:  Happy people show similar ways of thinking, feeling and acting all over the world. The ingredients for a happy life and well-being do not mainly depend on money or outer circumstances. Happiness is to a big extent an inside-job. Happiness-fostering behaviours and mindsets can be learnt: Positive Psychology has created over 100 interventions that help to develop the mindset and acting towards a joyful and happy life. All these interventions are easy to learn, can be integrated in everyday life and lead to measurable improvement of well-being.  


In happiness coaching we look what works for you, and find interventions of positive psychology. This may may be such as: 

  • Focussing on the good things in the day (building mental immunsystem) 
  • be radical emotional, befriend all emotions, create positive emotions, savouring and enjoyment
  • use of character strength
  • self-care routine and self-compassion
  • build bridges and nourishing relationships
  • awe and wonder
  • gratitude
  • random acts of kindness
  • find silver linings in challenges
  • set goals, that make happy
  • Find purpose and meaning in life 

In happiness coaching we focus on what works fine in your live, what gives you energy, where are your strength and what can be the "happiness-pillars" to help to stabilize and add to well-being and may lead to flourishing. Optional there are several measurements to get a status quo and see progress.



Positive Coaching


You want to nourish your personal well-being - without having to change the circumstances in which you are.  


Assessessing/Measuring scales

Points-Of-You© Coaching Tool
VIA Character Strength Analysis

Interventions of Positive Psychology 


Create a "recipy for happiness" with easy to implement habits that foster your well-being.

usually 4 - 6 sessions for a long-lasting measurable improvement of well-being.


Session à 60 mins. 120 Dollar 

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Coaching is a way of self-help. If you have signs of depression or burn-out you should contact a therapist. If you are already in therapy, ask your therapist, if my work will support your well-being.